Know Your Tires

If you are driving around with worn tires it is very important that you have them replaced immediately. Your tires are the only thing between you and the road so it would make sense to get a good quality tire installed. One of the things to know is the size that your vehicle needs. Knowing this will make setting up your tire appointment at 1st Stop Car Care faster and easier because you will have all the info you need to ensure we have what you are looking for. To check this you can look at the side of any one of your tires and you will see something that looks like "245/65r17" or "29.5X9.6R17." That will be the tire size that you need. So the next time you call (619) 474-4009 you can let us know exactly what tire size you need.

tire chula vista 1st stop car care tire service

Tire Care

You should also consider rotating your tires, because this evenly distributes wear. A tire rotation will extend tire life and save you money in the long run, because the engine is so heavy and it usually causes the front tires (in front-engine vehicles) to wear down faster. During a tire rotation, one of our experts may also inspect your tires for any problems. In addition to appearance, tire age is also important. Tires that sit for several years can drastically deteriorate. Most rubber compounds lose their effect after a certain time, sometimes in less than three years. Just because you don’t use your tires doesn’t mean they will last forever. Adding a tire conditioning product during every car wash is also a good idea to avoid any cracking due to age of the tires.

tire chula vista 1st stop car care tire service

How Do I Know I Need New Tires?

One of the easiest ways to determine if you need new tires is to place a penny upside down in the middle of the tread. If you see above Abe Lincoln’s head, you need new tires. Basically, anything less than 4/32 inch is considered dangerous. You should also check your tires for bulging, cracking, bald spots, and uneven wear. If your tread is wearing in some spots and not others, you may have issues with the frame or alignment. That’s why it’s important to have your car realigned at least once a year. Balancing is also important for even wear because our experts can ensure your tires never roll out of sync or unevenly.

Get New Tires on the Road

Despite being one of the most important components on a car, tires are often neglected by many vehicle owners. Not only do worn tires pose serious safety issues at high speeds and in bad weather, but they can also affect performance and fuel economy. Depending on the brand of tires, your driving habits, and even your region, tires wear at different levels.

tire chula vista 1st stop car care tire service

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