STOP! And thank your brake rotors and brake pads for letting you

Are your brake rotors in acceptable condition? If not it would be a good idea to make an appointment at 1st stop car care center for a full brake service. Your car's braking system is very complex and consists of many parts so it is always good to have one of our experts work on it for you. It is your main system for stopping your vehicle and keeping control of it so it is always best practice to keep up with your brake service. Most cars have disc brakes on the front wheels, and many have disc brakes on the rear wheels also. When disc brakes are not used on the rear, they have drum brakes. The fluid being pushed from the master cylinder through the brake lines pushes a piston in the brake caliper. This in turn applies force to the brake pads which stops your car.

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Why take the time to get a full brake service?

It is important to keep your brake service on schedule because if any of these parts fail, your cars brake system might not operate like it should. Sometimes the surface of the brake rotors can become uneven and can have an effect of shortening the life of your brake pads. At 1st stop car care we can resolve that issue by replacing or resurfacing the brake rotors. This brake service of replacing or resurfacing the brake rotors can sometimes help extend the life of your brake pads because they can wear evenly so you can get the most out of our full brake service. If you feel your vehicle’s brake system is not performing as it should you can call (619)-474-4009 to speak with one of our brake service experts and make an appointment today! You can click Here to use our easy appointment form and one of our team members will contact you to confirm your brake service appointment.

brake rotos | brake service | brake pads | brake shoes

Brake Service Installation

1st Stop Car Care endeavors to be the undisputed leader in providing the full car best brake service and complete customer satisfaction in automotive repair through our boundless passion, continuous improvement and innovation, and operating with state-of-the-art tools. After getting our full brake service and have your brake rotors replaced or resurfaced you will leave 1st Stop Car Care with a new peace of mind knowing your vehicle’s brake system will be in optimal conditions to stop your car safely.

brake rotos | brake service | brake pads | brake shoes






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