Engine Functions

Vehicle engine service is important for the normal function of the car. The function of a car engine is to convert fuel into mechanical motion, which makes it possible for the car to move. It transforms chemical energy from the fuel into mechanical energy through an internal combustion process.


Service Engine Soon Light On?


Having your engine serviced is recommended every 12,000 miles, and can keep the vehicle running smooth and safe. Having your engine serviced regularly can avoid the costs of many future engine repairs that can become very costly. Engine Service is some thing that is very important for your vehicle and is also a part of preventive maintenance.  When you are driving your car that is exactly what you want to be doing, driving, not stalling or breaking down. When you skip scheduled engine service you run the risk of parts failing that are vital to the normal function of your vehicle engine. This can become stressful because a problem in the engine is sometimes difficult to diagnose and most of the time will leave you without the use of your care for a few days depending on how bad the damage is.

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This is not even the worst part of avoiding regular engine service, it can make your vehicle unsafe to drive. So now, ask yourself, is it really worth all that trouble to skip regular engine service? Didn't think so. To avoid these headaches and keep your car running safely, make an appointment to have your vehicle inspected by one of our specialists. You can also call 619-474-4009 and have all of your questions answered by one of 1st Stop Car Care's expert team members.


A cars engine is made up of many parts that work together to get output the power needed to move your vehicle. If any one of those parts fail, you could be left stranded on the side of the road. It is always a good practice to have regularly scheduled engine service done to your vehicle and avoid break downs.


engine service chula vista 1st stop car care

What Should I Lookout For When Considering Engine Service?

Some of the most obvious signs that you need engine service done are, the vehicles stalls or shakes like it wants to stall, the car feels like it is forcing to move (loss of power), or the most severe case is it will not start. Now, if the engine won't start it is possible this could be another issue, but depending on how long ago you had a tune-up, there could very well be something wrong with the engine. So if you are driving along the road an you feel your vehicle is not driving at it's peak, stop by and let us take a look at it for you, because you might just need an engine service.

engine service chula vista 1st stop car care

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